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By Christine Schopen updated 3/30/20

The Board of Directors has decided that effective immediately all rides (except virtual) and WCC-sponsored events are suspended until further notice.

  • Tuesday, May 26, 2020
    • 7A
      Tuesday Morning Workout (TMW)
      James Keeley
      This will be a 65 minute Meet Up (but not Stick Together) ride made up as follows: 15 mins warm up, 20 mins 85-90% FTP, 5 mins easy, 20 mins 85-90% FTP, 5 min easy warm down. We will not use a Zwift workout but will attempt to ride together - strongest riders pulling, others tucking in and drafting as needed. Alien jerseys. 7.05am start time.
  • Thursday, May 28, 2020
    • 7A
      Thursday Morning Workout (ThMW)
      Greg Sims
      This Thursday morning workout ride will be a Meetup-Stick Together ride/workout, i.e. no matter your power the group will stick together, as long as you keep pedaling.
      • To get meetup invite, 1) sign up below and 2) "Friend" me on Zwift (if you have not done so already).
      • This will be a 60 minute ride with optional workout.
      • After joining/transport to ride start, load workout. On a PC or Mac press E for the Workout Selection screen, choose the Zwift Academy Tri 2020-No. 5 VO2max Developement workout.
      • Workout link: Sign In
      • Not wanting a structured workout? No problem.....ride along with us at your own pace, but keep pedaling in order for the rubber band to work.
      • We will also be using the WCC-A Discord voice channel. Request invite for this if you have never joined the server. It will be emailed; easy process.
      • The meetup will start at 7:00. Don't be late, as you can't join meetups after they start.
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