Upcoming Rides

  • Thursday, February 2, 2023
    • 5:45A
      Thursday Morning Workout
      Greg Sims

      Please note, this workout goes for 65 minutes, therefore we will start the meetup at 5:55. Ignore the 5:45 start time posted.

      This workout will be a Meetup-Stick Together event, i.e. no matter your power the group will stick together, as long as riders keep pedaling.

      • To get meetup invite, 1) sign up below and 2) "Friend/follow" me on Zwift at Greg Sims (WCC) (if you have not done so already).
      • This will be a 65 minute meetup/workout.
      • After joining meetup, load workout. Recommended to join meetup 4 or 5 minutes early to allow time for Murphy to do his thing. On a PC or Mac press E for the Workout Selection screen, choose Norseman workout: Geilo
      • Workout link: https://whatsonzwift.com/workouts/the-norseman/bike-norseman-workout-geilo
      • We will also be using the WCC-A Discord voice channel but this is not required. Perfectly fine to join in silently. Request invite for this if you have never joined the server. It will be emailed; easy process.
      • The meetup will start at 5:55. Don't be late, as this will put you out of sync with the rest of us on the workout.
      • We tend to wear the Alien jerseys because they're cool. :) Unlock with the code Goalienware - https://zwiftinsider.com/kits/
    • 10A
      Bobos to Boyds
      Nick Jubok

      A leisurely winters ride up around Boyds reservoir. Break at Georges in Carmel, around mile 25. AccuWeather says a high of 39 degrees on Thursday, be prepared.

      AIS, 9:55, this ride rolls at 10:00 sharp.

      1) If you plan to ride off the front, push the pace and drop the ride leader, post your own ride.

      2) If you've been off the bike for a while and not ready to do the climbing this ride has, STAY HOME. It will be too cold for the others to hang around and wait for you.

      3) Finally, show up with a bike that is ready to ride, tires pumped up, chain lubed and ALL BATTERIES CHARGED.

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