Upcoming Rides

  • Sunday, December 5, 2021
    • 10A
      Brewster Mahopac - A Hard Pack Look-See
      Thomas Nee

      If you'd like to do a little exploratory ride on hardpack roads not normally on WCC rides, then join me in this sampling of the various dirt roads around Mahopac reservoirs. If you know these roads, then even better. If not, then we can poke around together and see what these roads are like.

      The route has been sourced from a number of others' gravel rides as well as gravel maps. Hence, I know not their conditions. Bring the appropriate "look-see" tires and pressure.

      Only two climbs of note: Dixon - all smoothly paved; and Pogsley - reputed to be unpaved. The rest of the ride is flattish and mostly paved roads. So average ride speed will be closer to strong C-ish. But as always, if the group that shows is on the slower side, then I'll ride slower.

      If this route turns out to be interesting, I have routed a longer version to include a couple more gravel sections to be saved for a later warmer date. Always on the "hunt" for rides to supplement WCC's normal Hayfields or Ridgefield gravel routes.

      No coffee stops planned so bring enough fluid and snacks.

    • 10A
      Golden’s Bridge to Hayfields Nash both ways
      Bill O'Connell

      Short Gravel ride more climbing early.

      to keep

    • 10A
      B To B+ Winter Training Ride
      Bruce Wells

      Since it will be cold, we will be doing a B/B+ pace, but working on keeping our upper body still. We will focus on keeping our cadence above 90, ideally at 100, drafting and rotating pace lines. Riders should be STRONG B riders who want to move up to B+. If you are generally keeping up on B rides, and want to get faster, this ride is for you. For C+ riders, try the Saturday ride.

      After the ride, please join me for parking spot figure 8 loops and the water bottle challenge to improve bike handling.

      Don't worry about the wait-list, everyone welcome to come.

      Check out my article about dressing for winter riding: Sign In

    • 10A
      Armonk - Greenwich - Banksville 41
      Ave Karel

      If you prefer minimal stopping or faster speed, please post/pick another ride. Thanks.

      Always call out "before" passing other riders

      Sign up by 9pm the night before

      Bring downloaded route (or cue sheet)

      Safe Steady Predictable Riders a must

      Returning to this reliable good route with some good flat runs and also climbs.

      Rest stop: Happiness Is/ Back Country Market

      Target: 14.8mph ...........................with regrouping throughout the ride to enjoy sharing it together! .....(I like to regroup as needed, but not too much, when we get stretched out or just want to rest for a moment)

      Bring: face mask, cell phone, money. Vaccinated and healthy riders only.

      Helmets required, no headphones, check tires + equipment in advance to make sure bike is in good shape to avoid problems, bring 2 spare tubes/water bottles. Be clipped in + ready 5 minutes before depart time. Print/download the route, review it in advance + and carry my cell # (914-826-3440)......... Let's ride SAFELY + have fun!

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