WCC Leaders

Ride Leader Information

If you are thinking about volunteering to be a ride leader, contact one of the ride coordinators listed below or email Andy Katell, Rides Chair who can authorize you to use the Ride Leader Functions.

Ride LevelCoordinatorAverage SpeedDescription


Gregory Sims17.0 and upSee Ride Category descriptions at https://www.westchestercycleclub.org/RideCategories


Anil Malhotra16.0 - 18.0


Richard Gluck15.0 - 17.0


Steven Schwartz13.0 - 15.0


Deborah Ramsey11.0 - 14.0


Paula Edlavitch9.0 - 11.0


Andy Katellup to 11.0New Member/Orientation Rides


Laura Kellyup to 11.0Mountain Biking RIdes


Laura Kellyup to 11.0Hard Pack/Gravel Rides

Job Description--Ride Coordinators

By Shelly Mozlin on 2/01/19 updated 2/18/19
The primary role of Ride Coordinators at all levels is to encourage ride leaders to post rides. Ride Coordinators should communicate regularly with Ride Leaders and the Rides Chair to promote safety, encourage riders to become Ride Leaders, and help new members feel welcome.
1.      Encourage Ride Leaders to post rides. Ideally, during the “high season,” every level should have a ride posted on both Saturday and Sunday (weekday (Job Description--Ride Coordinators continues ...)

What's Involved?

Ride leaders plan and lead rides. You can choose a ride to lead from the Cue Sheet or club RideWithGPS library or you can write your own. For more info, take a look at the Ride Leader checklist.

Forms and Information for Ride Leaders

Ride Categories

Click for a description of the Ride Categories (levels) from D to A.

Cue Sheets for Ride Leaders

The club has an excellent library of cue sheets and RideWithGPS route library online (you must be a club member to access the cue sheet library). 

Procedures for Rides

Ride leaders are responsible for bringing these essential forms to each ride they lead: the Release Form (sign-in sheet), the Minor Release Form and the Accident Report Form.

Ride leaders must ensure that every rider has read and the release and waiver, and digitally signed them in, prior to the ride. Ride leaders can also submit hard copy sign-in sheets by downloading the pdf files (above) and printing them. Sign-in Sheets and Minor Release Forms should be submitted to signinsheets@westchestercycleclub.org after the ride. Preferably, the leader (or assistant leader) should use the "Confirm" feature on the club website in the Sign Up section of each ride, to record who showed up for the ride (but use paper sign-in for nonmembers on their one "free ride" and minors). 

In the event of an accident, ride leaders must complete and submit the Accident Report Form as soon as is possible. WCC keeps a record of the forms and submits them to our insurance company.

Become a Ride Leader

If you've been going on club rides for a while and are interested in becoming a Ride Leader, we welcome you! You must be certified by the Rides Chair to be able to post and lead rides. To get started, follow these steps, then apply here to become a Ride Leader.

To be eligible as a WCC Ride Leader, the rider has:
  • Ridden on at least five WCC club rides
  • Completed the ride leader training program (reviewed these slides and carefully review ALL content on this page, including all linked content)
  • Completed two co-leads with an experienced leader
The Ride Leader candidate then informs the Rides Chair of completion of these steps, then the Rides Chair certifies the rider as a Ride Leader and enables the individual to post rides on the club's website. To get started, follow the steps above, then apply here to become a Ride Leader.

Ride Leader Leader Appreciation Program

Qualify for a special jersey when you do all of the following in 2018:
  • Lead nine rides (serving as an assistant ride leader counts as a half-ride).
  • Plus, lead one D ride (total of ten rides) (serving as an assistant D ride leader counts as a half-ride).
  • Complete one of the following volunteer activities: (1) assist at one Bikes4Kids work night (after initial training), (2) volunteer at the Golden Apple, or (3) assist at a New Member Orientation Ride
You must “Confirm” riders, including yourself, digitally or submit your sign-in sheets to signinsheets@westchestercycleclub.org to receive credit for this program.
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