Job Description--Ride Coordinators

By Shelly Mozlin on 2019-02-01 updated 2019-02-18
The primary role of Ride Coordinators at all levels is to encourage ride leaders to post rides. Ride Coordinators should communicate regularly with Ride Leaders and the Rides Chair to promote safety, encourage riders to become Ride Leaders, and help new members feel welcome.
1.      Encourage Ride Leaders to post rides. Ideally, during the “high season,” every level should have a ride posted on both Saturday and Sunday (weekday rides are icing on the cake). 
2.      Encourage Ride Leaders to post new routes, old favorites, and piggy-back rides (slower or faster than a ride already posted). 
3.      Be comfortable using the Ride Board and other website features in order to support other Ride Leaders .
4.      Check the ride descriptions to be sure they provide adequate information about location, terrain, pace and other expectations for that particular ride. If there is a RWGPS link, make sure it is correct. 
5.      Check the sign-ups and consider advising the Ride Leader to recruit a co-leader if the ride is likely to have a large number of riders. 
6.      Work with the Rides Chair to recruit Ride Leaders for multi-level events.  Be sure the route chosen for these events is appropriate for that level. 
7.      Safety is paramount. If you have any safety concerns or are made aware of such concerns about a member or Ride Leader, notify the Rides Chair immediately. 
8.      Encourage members to become Ride Leaders. Names of potential Ride Leaders can be sent to the Rides Chair for follow-up and training.
9.      Contact new members to make sure they are riding at the appropriate level and encourage them to continue to ride and attend other club events. 
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