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WCC's Ebike Policy

By Christine Schopen updated 2022-06-22

The Westchester Cycle Club (the "Club") allows the use on Club rides of electric bicycles that are pedal-assisted, consistent with New York State law. Throttle e-bikes are strictly prohibited from Club rides.

It is not the responsibility of a Ride Leader to determine if a rider is using an e-bike or what class of e-bike a rider is using. It is the rider's responsibility to know and obey the law. On any Club ride, e-bike riders shall adhere to the Club's riding guidelines and safe practices, with particular

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To E or not to E

By Christine Schopen updated 2022-06-22

To E Or Not To E? Bob Hermann

WCC has survived the arrival and integration of e-bikes. It turns out that electronically boosted legs allow many riders to continue engaging in the sport they love with their "peeps" (thanks, Candy). WCC has adopted guidelines for how to ride e-bikes, which appear elsewhere in this tab and are much like those of every major cycle club. They seem to work.  

The biggest surprise, indeed, may be how few riders, even those at or near Medicare age, have not taken the

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