WCC's Ebike Policy

By Christine Schopen updated 2022-06-22

The Westchester Cycle Club (the "Club") allows the use on Club rides of electric bicycles that are pedal-assisted, consistent with New York State law. Throttle e-bikes are strictly prohibited from Club rides.

It is not the responsibility of a Ride Leader to determine if a rider is using an e-bike or what class of e-bike a rider is using. It is the rider's responsibility to know and obey the law. On any Club ride, e-bike riders shall adhere to the Club's riding guidelines and safe practices, with particular attention paid, during group riding, to riding at a speed consistent with that of other cyclists.

Ride Leaders continue to have as to e-bike riders the same broad authority and discretion as they possess on all the rides they lead. For example, if an e-bike rider is operating in an unsafe manner, a Ride Leader has the authority to advise the e-bike rider of what they are doing incorrectly and, if the rider does not comply, to ask the e-bike rider to ride off the back of the group or leave the ride, in the interest of the safety and enjoyment of others.

New club members using an e-bike must first attend a New Member Orientation Ride to determine their recommended ride level.

A rider with an e-bike should ride at generally the same ride level classification they would ride without an e-bike. It is potentially unsafe to use an e-bike to ride above your ability and comparable skill level with a standard bike, and doing so may make other riders with you uncomfortable.

An e-bike rider should ride at generally the pace as other riders and maintain a speed consistent with that of the group and the rider's position within the group. For example, an e-bike rider should not rush past other riders on steep climbs.

Some e-bikes are substantially heavier than mechanical bikes and may require harder braking, especially if they do not have disc brakes, so the e-bike rider should leave extra room to brake.

An e-bike rider should be certain to have sufficient battery reserve for the ride they have chosen. Ride Leaders have no responsibility to ensure that the e-bike rider can safely return to the start point if they run out of battery power

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