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Safety and Advocacy

Guide to WCC Group Rides

By Lisa Baker updated 4/05/16

The club expects all cyclists to follow these best practices on our group rides: 

Ride single file whenever there is traffic on the road
Stay as far to the right as is safe and reasonable—and not so far that you have to swerve left into traffic to avoid hazards
Hold your line: Ride directly behind the rider in front of you—aim to stay within six inches to left or right
Maintain constant pedaling: Maintaining a steady pace helps the rider behind you predict your speed

(Guide to WCC Group Rides continues ...)

Safety Materials

Get the Guide to WCC Group Rides as a printable PDF.

Ride Safely and Courteously

We are all ultimately responsible for our own safety.

Bike riders are required by law to follow the same rules as cars.

We are all ambassadors for cycling -- share the road courteously with others.

Ride S M A R T -- Ride Accident Free

  • STAY ALERT -- Pay attention to everything around you, including other riders, cars, road conditions, and your own physical status.
  • MAINTAIN YOUR LINE -- Be predictable to other riders and cars. Always assume riders are behind you or about to pass. 
  • ACCIDENTS -- Road hazards, collisions with other riders, and loss of control downhills are often the cause of accidents.
  • RESPECT -- Please respect your fellow riders, the rules of the road and the motorists we share them with.
  • TALK -- Hand signals and calling out hazards and intentions are essential to group riding. Communicate first, then move.

For more information on safe cycling, please read the STREET SMARTS brochure.  Also, see the Cycling Tips page for suggestions on group riding, pace lining, and what to do if there is an accident.

Online Safety Resources

Videos & Quizzes & More!
By Laura Kelly on 9/01/17 updated 9/26/18
The New York Bicycling Coalition (NYBC) has recently published a set of safe cycling videos on their website! These short but informative videos walk viewers through the New York bicycling laws. NYBC also has a set of online quizzes to test your knowledge of safe cycling practices!

Take a moment and view these important resources today!

Bicycle Law Videos
Test Your Knowledge
Additional resources

WCC is a proud supporter of NYBC!
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