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Dressing for Winter Riding?

No Sweat!
By Bruce Wells on 2012-10-12 updated 2024-02-25

You don't have to stop riding in the winter.  You just have to dress correctly.  I find that most riders don't seem to know how to dress for winter riding, and therefore don't seem to get out on the bike as much as they could.  Correct apparel is critical to an enjoyable winter ride.  You can always tell the inexperienced winter riders, no head cover, full jackets, and light gloves.  All wrong!  Let me explain.

The key to winter riding is to not sweat.  Sweating, while unavoidable on a hot summer

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WCC Is Now on Instagram!

By Dakota Adamec updated 2023-11-21

The Club is now live on Instagram! Visit or search the username @westchestercycleclub to follow rides, updates, tips, and events throughout the year. Please send photos from rides (group shots, on the bike, funny poses, rest stop go-tos, etc.) with a description to to be featured in future posts. Creativity is welcome!

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