2018 Dirty Apple Ride

SUMMER AWAY TRIP 2018 Montreal and Champlain Islands

By Bill O'Connell on 5/30/18
Westchester Cycle Club Summer Away Trip 2018

Many of you missed the wonderful Away Trip to Martha’s Vineyard last  weekend.
Ask anyone who attended, these trips are special riding experiences that are not to be missed.  For this year, you have ONE more chance!

This August 4 and 5, Saturday and Sunday, we will be revisiting Plattsburgh and the Champlain Islands of Vermont.
This is one of the most scenic rides in the Northeast.
The long version is 67 miles with only 1700 feet of climbing (SUMMER AWAY TRIP 2018 continues ...)

When it Rains…. What WCCers do when a ride is rained out

By Shelly Mozlin on 5/28/18
What do you do when your club ride is rained out?  Do you have a Plan B or do you just sleep in?  I was able to find out at our Cinco de Velo lunch. Those of us who did come for the lunch lakeside at Edith Macy’s Kinderhaus enjoyed some good food and some good company.  Here is how we cinco’d.

David showed up for his ride.  When it was cancelled, he decided to ride anyway.  He kept it simple, and rode down the North County Trailway to Tarrytown Lakes and back. (When it Rains…. continues ...)

Cinco de Velo is back

By Lewis Insler updated 4/16/18
Cinco de Velo, our next all level ride, is just three weeks away, on Sunday, May 6thWe will return to the gorgeous grounds of the Edith Macy Center, this time using the summer camp-like lakeside “Kinderhaus.” If you were around when we held events here a few years back, this is where we used to have them. It wasn’t open for the Daffodil Ride because it is unheated.

Use  https://www.westchestercycleclub.org/Events/SignUp/183 to sign up for the buffet lunch and go to the (Cinco de Velo is back continues ...)

ICYMI: Prepare for the Season Part 1: Your Body Read about how to see performance improvements this season

By Shelly Mozlin on 3/18/18
ICYMI = In Case You Missed It

Thanks to Lew Insler* for putting together this fantastic dinner meeting. This dinner event was Part 1 of “preparing for the season.” Don’t miss Part 2 to learn how to prepare your bike for the season!

It’s spring! Everyone is ready to pump up the tires, throw the bike in (or on) the car, and reconnect with cycling buddies as a new season unfolds.  But are you really ready?  At the dinner meeting presentation by Personal Trainers Eve Hartman (ICYMI: Prepare for the Season Part 1: Your Body continues ...)

Club RWGPS Update

By Shelly Mozlin on 2/19/18 updated 3/02/18
Most of you already know that WCC now has a Ride With GPS (ridewithgps.com) Club Account.
We now have almost 300 routes in the Club RWGPS library.  The library is accessible to EVERYONE, with or without a RWGPS account.  It is a fantastic resource and we would like ride leaders to start at the RWGPS library when looking for routes and links.  
Check it out here:

It is very easy to sort the routes by name, starting location, or (Club RWGPS Update continues ...)