2017 Golden Apple

Upcoming Events

  • Three-Club Ride #1
    Saturday, June 24
    SAVE THE DATE....we are having a new all-level ride of 3 metro area clubs with a collective membership approaching 5,000 cyclists. It will include members of WCC, New York Cycle Club and the Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey. The start point will be right across the GWB. Routes on the west side of the river are in development for varying distances and pace groups. It will be a no- or low-cost ride, we project. More info to follow.....

    Tuesday, July 4
    Celebrate the 4th of July and join your WCC friends for an All American Luncheon following the Multi Level Rides.

    The luncheon will start at 12:45 PM in the Historic Jay Heritage Center Carriage House which is a short walk down from the parking lot. The menu will include tossed salad, pasta salad, black bean salad, quinoa, hamburgers, veggie burgers, boneless chicken breasts, condiments, deserts, iced tea and lemonade. The $25 price for the luncheon is all inclusive.

    There will be new start locations for the rides because of limited parking at the jay Heritage Center.  B-, B, . B+ and A rides will start from the Rye Neck High School. The C+, C, D+ and D bikers will park at the Jay Heritage Center where these rides will start.

    Please refer to the Rides Board for the rides start times.

    Since we expect a large turnout for the luncheon, sign up early to reserve your seat. As with all of our events. if your plans change, you will receive a full refund if you notify us 10 days before the event, Luncheon is rain or shine .

    For questions, contact   Al Kaplan      albiker35@aol.com                Annmarie Viaggio    amviaggio@aol.com