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photoPresident Christine Schopen I've been a member of WCC since 2001 and am currently the President. Last year I was the coordinator for the 2018 Dirty Apple and thanks to all the wonderful volunteers it was a great event. Whoever thought that I would love riding hardback/gravel or even fat tire biking on snow?
Treasurer Steve Richman
Vice President Robert Hermann 2019 is my eleventh year in the club. It's all been good (well, not all....). We're fortunate in WCC to have nice people who can enjoy nice rides on nice routes. We're fortunate too to have many volunteers who devote a lot of their time to help make WCC run well. Our dynamic board exemplifies the get-it-done spirit that drives our club's activities. Please help us to keep doingf and improving what we all love to do. It's been a privilege and a pleasure to serve on the board.
Rides Chair Greg Sims I cycled a lot in my late twenties and picked it up again with my lovely wife after the two daughters gained some maturity and independence; a total ACL tear had taken me away from basketball, tennis and skiing. What a pleasure it was when we finally found the WCC in our backyard as we noticed all these cyclists (well behaved cyclists I might add) always making use of the parking lots at Crittenden and the library. Might have run into a few at DeCicco's also. That was before I learned what was upstairs! Well anyway, really glad Brigitte was able to convince me that you guys would be great people! Lloyd O., thanks for a great first ride!
photoMembership Anil Malhotra I joined the WCC in 2009 and have truly enjoyed the experience since then. The club has helped me to get better as a rider, introduced me to great new friends, and been the impetus for some terrific trips to places near and far. I'm currently B+ Ride Coordinator and Membership Chair and look forward to helping the club membership in any way I can.
photoNewsletter Layout Editor Larry Edlavitch Larry has been a club member for over 35 years and a board member for more than 20 years. He fell in love with cycling in the late 60's, and enjoys leading hilly C+/B- rides for the club. A retired Package & Graphic Designer, he handles the design of the our monthly newsletter, the Plain Spoke'n, as well as club clothing and Golden Apple material. He works closely with anyone who wishes to write an article and coordinates and edits submitted pieces every month. The WCC (formerly Country Cycle Club) has been such an important part of his life, that he considers the work that he does as a "Labor of Love".
photoSpecial Events Chair Bill O'Connell Bill created and runs WCC's Bikes4Kids programs, which has donated over one thousand bikes and helmets to needy kids. He also has run the weekend away trips for the last 8 years. This includes the spring Tush Tuneup weekend , in 2018 a Martha's Vineyard trip on Memorial day weekend, a summer Montreal / Champlain Weekend and a fall trip TBA.
Bill likes to ride mountain bikes, and Gravel Bikes  as well as snowshoeing and skiing in winter.  In short, he does not like to sit still.  
photoWeb Master Bruce Wells Bruce Wells has been a member of WCC since 1985, and the web site guru. He previously served as President, Golden Apple Chair, Membership Chair, and Web Master which is his current function. Bruce started as a C rider and now currently rides with the A group. He has lead the club's 200 mile ride for years, and has been known to serve a cold home brew at the end of the ride.

photoBoard Member Beverly Thornhill
photoSafety Chair Andrew Mockler I'm delighted to take on the role of Safety Chair.  Nothing is more important to the Club than keeping all our members as safe as possible while we enjoy the sport we truly love.  My goal is to bring safety more front and center and have all our efforts embraced and amplified by everyone.  Personally, I’ve loved bicycling since I was a kid delivering newspapers and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting and getting to know kindred spirits in the Club.  It would be especially gratifying to introduce effective safety recommendations that we can all feel good about and have a positive impact on each and every Club ride."   
Pro Bono Legal Counsel Charles Goldberger Charles Goldberger, a club member since 1993, provides the club with pro bono legal services.
Events Coordinator Amy Goldman
I have been a member of WCC for over 12 years.   I joined for the exercise, and I've stayed for the friendships.   I lead D+ and C- rides.  I was once a solid C rider but that has become an aspirational goal as I age.
In my non-cycling time, I have had a healthcare business consulting business -- since about the time I started cycling.   I call myself semi-retired--I'm still working but not actively marketing.  I'm excited to take on the Events/Programs role.  Please email me if you have ideas or want to help.
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