2017 Jill E. Solomon Bicycle Helmet Safety Day

Board Members

  • President Robert Hermann Bob....At age 9, I took up cycling in the Bronx on a 3-speed Rudge because there was no bus to P.S. 24 more than a mile away. I inflated my tires to 15 psi, lubed my chain with 3-in-1 oil when it squeaked or annually, whichever came first, and had no need of a bike lock. I joined WCC to revive that feeling of freedom by bike, and I've not been disappointed.  With that in mind, I started WCC's Bike Camp and got involved with the board. It's a great group that exemplifies the volunteer spirit that drives this club.
  • Vice President Christine Schopen I've been a member of WCC since 2001 and was WCC's C+ Ride Coordinator from 2013-2015.  Since losing my full-time job a few years ago, I've been able to ride a few days a week.  I've met wonderful people who share my enthusiasm for cycling and sense of adventure.   This past year I bought a cross-bike to be able to explore some of the area's beautiful dirt roads.
  • Treasurer Steve Richman
  • Secretary Shelly Mozlin I'm back!  This is my second stint as WCC's secretary  (hopefully I will get it right this time).  I have been a club member for about 10 years and I appreciate everything the club has to offer.....great rides, fun events, education, advocacy, a discount at my local bike shop, and the chance to share it all with so many great people! Over these past 10 years, I have perfected the art and science of slow riding with cafe rest stops.  I like to take photos along the way and I have amassed a large collection of portraits of people in bike helmets.  Maybe I will start to include photos of random WCC members in the monthly minutes from Board meetings. 
  • Rides Chair Lisa Baker I've been riding with WCC since 2017, including many awesome weekend rides and fun weekend trips. I'm a League Cycling Instructor and previously served as Safety & Education chair. As Rides Chair, I'm delighted to support our wonderful Ride Leaders in leading fun, safe rides. 
  • Membership Anil Malhotra
  • Safety and Education Ellen Katz I"ve returned to cycling after a long hiatus.  Ten years ago I  went for a ride on the South County Trailway and loved it.  Then a friend dragged me to a serious biking event called The Golden Apple.  My friend and I actually rode 25 miles that day.  I was so proud of myself and I loved the warmth,  friendliness, an support of the club members.    Shortly after the Golden Apple I joined the club went on my first club ride and was really awed.  It's been a love relationship ever since.   I took Mike Miller's Traffic Skills class to grow my ability to ride on the roads.  Then I went to Ride Noho twice where I learned so much about pedal technique, group riding, riding on bad roads and surfaces, climbing, descending and pace lining.  I look forward to sharing my knowledge with other riders. 
  • Newsletter Layout Editor Larry Edlavitch Larry has been a club member for over 35 years and a board member for more than 20 years. He fell in love with cycling in the late 60's, and enjoys leading hilly C+/B- rides for the club. A retired Package & Graphic Designer, he handles the design of the our monthly newsletter, the Plain Spoke'n, as well as club clothing and Golden Apple material. He works closely with anyone who wishes to write an article and coordinates and edits submitted pieces every month. The WCC (formerly Country Cycle Club) has been such an important part of his life, that he considers the work that he does as a "Labor of Love".
  • Communications Laura Kelly Laura has been a member since 2015. She enjoys quiet low-trafficked roads, dirt/gravel grinding, mountain biking, and bike-packing/bike camping. Her favorite adventures involve all-day rides with friends to get lunch or ice cream (or hot cocoa in the winter) and stopping to take photos along the way. No, her husband doesn't ride and yes, her kids are older than you think. 
  • Events/Programs Annmarie Viaggio
  • Events/Programs Al Kaplan Al Kaplan is our New Members Advisor. A Bronxite through my college years and a Westchesterite ever since. I became "hooked" on cycling when, by chance, I met some Country Cycle Club members and rode 10 miles with them. I did my one and only Century Ride a few years later. I started leading rides on a regular basis, because the club has given me a tremendous amount of enjoyment (plus free exercise as a bonus); and, this is my way of giving something back to the club. PS: The Country Cycle Club is the previous name of the WCC.
  • Special Events Chair Bill O'Connell Bill created and runs WCC's Bikes4Kids programs, which has donated hundreds of bikes and helmets to needy kids. He also has run the summer weekend away trip for the last 8 years. He has worked as well with Stu Shakman to continue the spring Tush Tuneup weekend that Stu and Jane had so ably run for many years. In 2016, a Martha's Vineyard trip was added. Bill likes to ride a mountain bike on trails on occasion as well.
  • Web Master Bruce Wells Bruce Wells has been a member of WCC since 1985, and the web site guru. He previously served as President, Golden Apple Chair, Membership Chair, and Web Master which is his current function. Bruce started as a C rider and now currently rides with the A group. He has lead the club's 200 mile ride for years, and has been known to serve a cold home brew at the end of the ride.
  • Member At Large Dave Karel David first joined the club in 2003. David has previously served seven years as President and Vice President, and prior to that as the D Ride Coordinator. David enjoys leading rides and exploring the countryside and backroads. Biking provides an avenue for David to enjoy the scenery and to leave the worries and stresses of the world behind.
  • Pro Bono Legal Counsel Charles Goldberger Charles Goldberger, a club member since 1993, provides the club with pro bono legal services.
  • Helping Hands Coordinator Cheryl Cohen