Tush Tune Up 2024

April 27-28
By Bill O'Connell updated 2024-04-17

The Tush Tune-up is a WCC spring tradition to, well, tune-up your tush for the riding season.

You can find and sign up for all the rides in the Ride Schedule (links are inlined below).  Please sign up for the rides you expect to do.

We all ride on Saturday morning from Ten Mile River train station, near Amenia off Route 22 in Dutchess County, which is about a one-hour drive from Northern Westchester, to Great Barrington, MA. We all meet for a post ride WCC party and stay at the Quality Inn (formerly the Days Inn) in downtown Great Barrington (you may stay at other hotels, but we have secured a 3-Day cancellation at the Quality Inn in the event that bad weather cancels the event). Restaurants and shopping are within walking distance from the hotel. We stay overnight in Great Barrington and ride from there Sunday morning.


The Tush Tune-up is a way to meet and socialize with other WCC members and to build memories by doing things like riding back to your car with 30 other people in a freezing cold rain storm and having to stop to buy socks in a convenience store so you don't get hypothermia. In short, the Tush Tune-up is a way to build unforgettable memories with your fellow WCC cyclists!


There are currently 3 options: 


Option 1: 

·       On Saturday AM, drive to and park your car at the MTA Ten Mile River Station 

·       Ride 38 miles from Ten Mile River to Great Barrington with a small overnight bag that you can carry while you ride (9 AM) or ask an Option 2 rider to throw your small bag in their trunk.

·       Stay Saturday night in Great Barrington.

·       On Sunday morning, you have two options leaving from the Quality Inn:

·       Ride 48 miles back to your car in Ten Mile River. (9 AM) with a couple of shorter climbs (max 7.5%), but mostly on the bike path.

·       Ride the second half of 79 mile loop back to the car. About 38 miles, max grade 6.8%, no bike path.

Option 2:

·       On Saturday AM, drive to and park your car at Ten Mile River Station

·       Ride 66 mile route (9 AM) leaving from Ten Mile River and returning back to your car.

·       Drive about an hour to Great Barrington,

·       Stay Saturday night in Great Barrington.

·       On Sunday morning, you have three options leaving from Quality Inn:

        1. Drive home
        2. Ride 41-mile route (9 AM) and drive home
        3. Or shorter 28 mile route that cuts off part of the 41 mile route

Option 3:

·       On Saturday AM, drive to and park your car at West Cornwall Bridge CT canoe access - after the covered bridge.

·       Ride 61.8 mile gravel ride Saturday (9AM) leaving from West Cornwall and returning back to your car

·       Drive to Great Barrington,

·       Stay Saturday night in Great Barrington.

·       On Sunday morning, leave from Quality Inn and do 56.7 mile gravel ride (9 AM)

·       Drive home


  • Post Ride Party at the Quality Inn (bring or buy something to share).
  • We will split into smaller groups for dinner after the post ride party.
  • For those of you choosing Option 1, if it rains Sunday, you can be ferried to your cars in Ten Mile River by others choosing Option 2.
  • There is no SAG for this ride. Riders can be picked up at the end of the rides. Use "Text All Riders" to make sure everyone knows your status.
  • If you choose Option 1 and are leaving your car overnight in Ten Mile River, you may take your overnight bag with you on your bike or consider asking someone choosing Option 2 to take your bag and cooler in their car (you can also buy refreshments at the CVS next to the hotel). AS A COURTESY - IF YOU ARE GIVING A BAG TO SOMEONE ELSE TO DRIVE IT UP TO GREAT BARRINGTON, PLEASE LIMIT THE SIZE TO A 25 LITER (MEDIUM) BACKPACK.
  • If it is forecast to rain Saturday, we will drive straight to the hotel Saturday and we will ride from there Sunday.
  • If rain is forecast for Sunday, we will drive to Salisbury (road) or Cornwall Bridge (gravel) and do either Alice's or Dirty Alice's. (Stay tuned for alternate instructions if rain is in the forecast).

Be sure to MAKE HOTEL RESERVATIONS now. Mention WCC when making a reservation or you will have a 7 day cancellation policy!!!

Please signup for your rides once you confirm your hotel reservations!

Quality Inn, Great Barrington, https://www.qualityinngreatbarrington.com/ (413) 528-3150

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