Policy On Reporting Positive COVID Finding

These procedures were approved by the WCC board of directors on December 16, 2020, effective immediately. Because they address a complex issue with many variations, situations may arise that are not plainly covered by them. The Rides chair, Greg Sims, or any other board member if he is unavailable, can advise you if requested.

No club member may sign up for or take part in any ride posted on the club's Rides board if that member is aware of having tested positive for COVID or having been recently exposed to a person with COVID, unless the club member has quarantined for at least ten days or obtained two negative virus test results, one of which is administered at least five days after the possible exposure.

If a club member learns within a week after having been on a club ride that he or she has tested positive for COVID, that member must inform the Ride Leader of the ride by email or text immediately. That member may not take part in club rides for at least ten days, or unless he/she obtains two negative virus test results, one of which is administered at least five days after the possible exposure.

A Ride Leader contacted by such a club member who has tested positive for COVID, or who learns of a potential exposure to COVID, must immediately make contact with the Rides chair and, subject to the Rides chair's direction, all other riders on that ride must be notified that they may have been exposed. (The identity of the COVID-positive rider remains confidential.) Members who are so informed are advised to quarantine for ten days. They must do so and obtain a negative COVID test, taken at least five days after the possible exposure, before doing club rides again.

In order for these procedures to work, Ride Leaders must be certain to confirm in a timely way all their riders as having shown up or not. We are adopting the procedures to lessen the real possibility that we might need to shut down the Rides board in the near future for safety reasons. We ask for continued, full compliance in the best interest of all club members, their families, and the public in this difficult time. WCC will monitor but realistically cannot police these procedures. They require vigilance, a cooperative spirit, and good will. Those who fail to follow proper procedures may not be permitted to participate in club rides.

Additional useful information can be found at https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/if-you-are-sick/quarantine.html

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