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Welcome to the Westchester Cycle Club website! We've been riding together since 1975 and are a not-for-profit organization in Westchester County, New York. Our purpose is to educate the general public about safety and the benefits of bicycle riding, to promote community awareness and enjoyment of cycling through organized bicycling events, tours, lectures, demonstrations and other bicycling activities for members as well as for the general public, and to promote bicycle use, and development of cycling facilities as a non-polluting, non-congesting, quiet means of recreation and transportation. We have been designated the top bicycling club in the country in 2011 by the League of American Bicyclists.

We're open to everyone and we'd love you to join us. A $20 annual membership provides you and your family with a variety of rides; beginner or expert, you'll find something just right. Our Orientation Ride will help you find just the right paced group for you. We offer lots of member-led rides throughout the entire county as well as Putnam and Duchess and Fairfied (CT) counties. Rides are scheduled on weekends as well as many weekdays and evenings and wind their way through some of the Lower Hudson Valley's most scenic areas. We also schedule multi paced rides once a month with food, drink and camaraderie afterward. The highlight of the year is our renowned GOLDEN APPLE TOUR - a fully supported event with routes from 25 to 100 miles. For a more complete picture of what the WCC is all about, read our More Info page.

If you're a new member, make yourself welcome by taking a peek at the sage advice of our new members committee. You can find lots of information on our Link-o-Rama page or join an informal chat group on Yahoo. Please treat yourself to one of our immediate benefits: member discounts at a many Westchester bike shops!

Tyler Wren's advanced riding skills workshop

Learn cornering and group riding technique from a former pro racer

By David Wilson - updated 5/18/15

Join retired pro racer Tyler Wren on Sunday, June 7 in White Plains for an hour-long workshop in riding skills for experienced riders, sponsored by Westchester Cycle Club as part of its 2015 Pedal + Party @ the Parkway Festival.

Wren, a member of the New York Bicycling Coalition board and promoter of his Farm to Fork Fondo series, retired from the US circuit in 2014 after 13 years. On June 7, he’ll lead a free clinic at 9 a.m. in the East parking lot of the Westchester County Center.

The workshop will focus on bike handling skills, cornering, and group riding.  He’ll start the workshop with a short lecture on riding technique. Then riders will split off into groups to do drills.

“I want people to get comfy on their bikes,” says Wren, 34, of Rensselaerville, NY.   “It’s important when you are riding in a group – riding close, and remaining agile.”

Understanding the mechanics of cornering, says Wren, can improve one’s performance on the road.

“It’s called counter-steering,” he says. “You want to weight your outside foot, and use your inside hand to steer the bike. You need to learn how to find the apex of the turn and when it’s best to brake before the turn.”

Following the workshop, the group will join Mark Lalloo on a 30-mile ride, returning to White Plains for a chatty victory lap on the Bronx River Parkway, which is closed from 10 to 2 for Westchester's Bike Sundays program. 

The party will kick-off at noon in the Chatterton Avenue parking lot at the County Center with the jazz sounds of Michael Friedman Quartet, featuring vocalist Glenda Davenport. White Plains folksinger Dennis Power will dip into the Woody Guthrie songbook for some inspiration, and the Christopher Brown Band will rock out with some of your favorite cover tunes. Food vendors will serve up their local freshnesses. 

In the same lot, WCC's staff of League Certified Instructors, will conduct an five-station ABC Quick Check series of workshops to teach riders about how to become more confident, and ride safer. The station will include helmet fitting, starting and stopping, signaling, and road positioning.

We'll have a WCC booth up at the County Center, so be sure to stop by and say hello. 

- Dave Wilson