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Welcome to the Westchester Cycle Club

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Ride For The Daffodils

A Ride For All Levels

By Al Kaplan - updated 3/25/15

Ride For THe Daffodils on Saturday, April 11

Join the first 2015 WCC Cycling Event for a great group of rides at all levels and a chance to socialize with a post ride luncheon at The Grif. The Grif is part of the Griffith E. Harris Golf Course on King Street in Greenwich. A full buffet luncheon will be served for the all inclusive price of $20.00. The luncheon is on rain or shine but we have requested great cycling weather.

Sign up under the Events Tab as soon as possible because luncheon seating is limited

For questions, contact Al Kaplan  or  Charley Goldberger


Tush Tuneup

April 18-19

By Bill O'Connell - updated 3/22/15

The Tush Tuneup is the Club's Longest Standing Away Event.  It started many years ago a a self supported ride from the Southeast Train Station to Great Barrington, MA..  This 70 mile ride started with a major hill climb just to get out of the station area and ended with a long climb on Farm to Market Road near the end of the ride. 

Clearly riders were a tougher group then, having walked 10 miles to school, uphill both ways, as children.  The ride was done by riders of all levels, though mostly C paced riders and above took part.  They carried their clothing and supplies for the overnight on their backs, making the climbs even tougher.

When I took over the ride three years ago, I decided to make it more inviting to a larger group of riders. I opened a second start point at the 10 Mile River Metro North Station for a 38 mile route each way with far fewer hills.  Today even D riders will find this version of the route manageable. 

There are also local rides in Great Barrington that members can do, if they prefer to drive up.
 If you stay in the valley there, the routes are quite flat, and you can make them tougher by climbing the hills on either side of the valley.

Last year we were partially rained out, preventing a trial of our new start location for the 70 mile route.  This year, weather permitting, the longer routes will start from the Patterson Metro North Station, eliminating several of the difficult early and late hills.  To get these miles back, the route now uses part of the Alice's Restaurant route to get a 73 mile distance.  There is also a flatter and easier 66 mile version using the top end of the older route. B+ Riders may choose to switch entirely to the ALice's Route from Salisbury, CT on up.  (PLEASE LET ME KNOW IF YOU DO THIS so I can give the route information to the SAG driver just in case).

We have also added SAG coverage and Luggage Transport ,no more backpacks (unless you want to rough it).

To pay for the SAG and luggage services, as well as some other perks that will kick in if we have enough riders signed up, there is a $20 Event Fee.  You MUST pay this fee - IN ADVANCE - to participate.  The fee will appear in the WCC Store by 3/15.

By the way, we stay overnight in Great Barrington.  This quaint but bustling village in Massachusetts has a main street loaded with interesting shops.  You may stay anywhere you wish, but we have held a block of rooms at the Day's Inn at an exceptional rate of $71.20 a night. (+tax).  There is also a great cancellation policy we were able to negotiate.  If the weather looks bad for the weekend, you may cancel up until Friday afternoon. (you can cancel for other reasons as well if needed). 

We have again booked the Barrington Brewery for Dinner Saturday night.  The price and PRE-Pay for this option are in the WCC Store.  The Price, including Salad, Entree, soft drinks, coffee and dessert, Tax and Tip is $29.00.  The seperate room they give us is very small.  If you wish to sit with the group, sign up EARLY.  The first 30 people signed up will be given preference for group seating.  REservations top out at 35 and we will accommodate 35 in the room.  After that, you can eat at regular tables on the rgular restaurant menu, or eat elsewhere.  If you have a group that you would prefer to sit with outside the group room DO NOT PRE-PAY.   Again, you can eat anywhere in town you like, the dinner is an OPTION.  Also , those who have not PREPAID will have to have dinner in the main dining room to keep things sane.  The club will give me a single check with a preset amount and we cannot manage other diners in the group area. (the waitresses get nasty!)(they really do!).

When the weather is good, this is a gorgeoous ride!  You will know you aren't in "Kansas" (Westchester) anymore. How often do you see Hippy Cows and Llama's on a ride!!!
Don't miss it, and if you have done it before, I know you will want to do it again!

FINALLY - I am looking for VOLUNTEERS to be RIDE LEADERS and sweeps and take groups up from both start points.                  I am also looking for "Volunteers" who know they are driving up, or have a spouse who is driving up, to take Luggage up in their vehicle. Since a heavier car uses more gas, if we have enough funds, there will be some incentive for helping us in this way.         In addition, KAS has agreed to provide SAG coverage for this weekend.  He will follow the groups up and back to Great Barrington and pick up any mechanical failures.  We will give out his cell phone to participants the morning of the ride.




Welcome to the Westchester Cycle Club website! We've been riding together since 1975 and are a not-for-profit organization in Westchester County, New York. Our purpose is to educate the general public about safety and the benefits of bicycle riding, to promote community awareness and enjoyment of cycling through organized bicycling events, tours, lectures, demonstrations and other bicycling activities for members as well as for the general public, and to promote bicycle use, and development of cycling facilities as a non-polluting, non-congesting, quiet means of recreation and transportation. We have been designated the top bicycling club in the country in 2011 by the League of American Bicyclists.

We're open to everyone and we'd love you to join us. A $20 annual membership provides you and your family with a variety of rides; beginner or expert, you'll find something just right. Our Orientation Ride will help you find just the right paced group for you. We offer lots of member-led rides throughout the entire county as well as Putnam and Duchess and Fairfied (CT) counties. Rides are scheduled on weekends as well as many weekdays and evenings and wind their way through some of the Lower Hudson Valley's most scenic areas. We also schedule multi paced rides once a month with food, drink and camaraderie afterward. The highlight of the year is our renowned GOLDEN APPLE TOUR - a fully supported event with routes from 25 to 100 miles. For a more complete picture of what the WCC is all about, read our More Info page.

If you're a new member, make yourself welcome by taking a peek at the sage advice of our new members committee. You can find lots of information on our Link-o-Rama page or join an informal chat group on Yahoo. Please treat yourself to one of our immediate benefits: member discounts at a many Westchester bike shops!