• Thursday, April 27, 2017
    • 6P
      Thursday Night Training Ride*
      Bruce Wells
      Rt 22 route. Can you survive the climbs on Rt 22 immediately after the long climb up Rt 172? Back by dark, but bring a light. Ride leaves promptly. Sunset: 7:47pm *Unaffiliated Ride
      Start: Waller Ave. Parking Lot, White Plains
    • 10A
      Old Huckleberry without Long Ridge
      Stephen Kuncio
      One of Bjoern's classic Old Huckleberry routes over Pound Ridge towards Ridgefield then down Silver Sping to New Cannan. Back to Vista for a brief refueling break at mile 32 then on by Laurel Reservoir to return through North Stamford. Mostly rolling with short climbs on Kitchawan, Benedict Hill and Ferris Hill. Sign In
    • 6P
      Not a GAG or a Griff
      Tim Lener
      This ride has familiar roads, though some may be in reverse of what you're used to. Even though we'll be back before sundown, please have a working rear light on at all times. Sign In
    • 10A
      Birthday Ride to Millbrook
      Larry Edlavitch
      Join me for my first lead of the year. It's Paula's D route at a C pace. We'll celebrate with cake and ice cream afterwards. We are also celebrating the turning on of the water at the bungalow colony.
      It will be slow, around 13, as I'm still trying to get in shape. (It was a long winter of skiing without much riding). The route is beautiful, mostly rolling with only 3 or 4 climbs only 1,817ft of climbing. We'll be stopping at Babbettes for lunch. The weather will be spectacular, so come along with your smiles and enjoy the day. The cue sheet will be brought, however the gps route is 20631574.gpx
    • 9:30A
      Boyds and Back Short Version
      Ellen Katz
      Unfortunately I don't have time to do Larry's fabulous ride so here's a shorter alternative for those who need to get back earlier. Beautiful scenery and not a whole lot of climbing. My pace should be between 12.5 and 13. Download cue sheet 903 (I'll bring a few) and load your Garmin. The cue sheet starts at the Metro North station but we'll begin at the Acme market. Park far away from the stores. Arrive early to set up and be ready to roll at 9:25. Safety talk begins then. See you on Thursday! Sign In
    • 10A
      Katonah Dirt #2, this ones for you Deb
      John Blye
      This is a 3-4 hour NO STOP NO DROP Sign In 1st regroup at mile 3.2 next I'm stopping at 8.1 you'll thank me, take a drink, and if you must clean facilities at the therapist 13.8 Check your tires, blinkers, ID, and attitude at the door, I want to hear you yelling car back. Only pass on my left and never on a downhill, stop at ALL lights, but only some signs....theirs not yours, always sign we will listen, did I get that right Deb? If you are using a cyclometer, start your route in the center of Katonah, look all three (3) ways and proceed with caution!!!!! Did you have a nice ride?
  • Friday, April 28, 2017
    • 10:30A
      Warm up for the weekend - Katonah to Boyd's
      Anita Lauria
      *ride is on* Late 10:30 start to allow the roads to dry and the sun to shine! Stick together/no drop ride at around a 15mph pace. Please bring essentials, such as tubes, hydration and money for mile 32 break at Millie's. Be ready to roll 15 minutes early with cue sheet or loaded garmin: Sign In
      I'll just need 2 others signed up by Thursday night for this ride to run. Sign In.
  • Saturday, April 29, 2017
    • 10:30A
      Tush Tune Up 38 mile Version
      Bill O'Connell
      This is a two day ride going up to great Barrington on Saturday the 29th and returning on Sunday the 30th with an overnight stay at the Days Inn in great Barrington .
      TWO RULES:
      1) Pay the $20 sag and Luggage fee at least 48 hours in advance of the ride.
      2) Luggage is restricted to a SOFT Backpack of no more than 2500 cu. inches. (DAYPACK)
      Updated Cue SHeet Northbound is IDENTICAL TO ONE BELOW
      Sign In
      For SUNDAY RETURN - I have made Route Identical to 67 mile routes up until the seperation
      Sign In
      This variation is a bit more hills but has some great views and avoids using an identical route returning.
      For those of you who prefer a "led" ride, John Bly has posted below. He will offer some variations for those who ride with him. Totally your option, but if you call for SAG help, please KNOW WHERE YOU ARE!!!
    • 9A
      Tush Tune Up
      Bill O'Connell
      The annual kickoff ride for our riding season the trash tuneup is scheduled to go to days Saturday the 29th and Sunday the 30th there will be two distances this posting is for the longer ride starting from the Patterson train station .
      TWO RULES:
      1) Pay the $20 SAG fee at least 48 hours in advance.
      2) Luggage is restricted to ONE - SOFT - Daypack of no more than 2500 Cubic Inches.
      There are CHOICES for routes this year - particularly on the return.
      The Linked Cue Sheet has a DEAD LINK!!!

      For Sunday:
      Please review and choose, let us know which you will ride, and if you need SAG - please know your location and route.
      Sign In 69 miles - no dirt - no route 7 - will miss the covered bridge.
      Sign In 65 Miles - No dirt - Uses busy Route 7 - to covered Bridge.
      Sign In 67 Miles - Uses Shagticoke Road - Parts Dirt - to Covered Bridge.
      Take your pick they are all the same other than the section between Kent and Route 55.

    • 9A
      Want a friend? Get a TDog
      A true B+ Spring ride. Reasonable distance but terrain is lumpy. Expect a low B+ pace. No drops or surging off the front.This a group ride. Slow roll over the tops of tougher climbs. This ride is for true B+ riders who are trying to build fitness. If you have more than 250 out-door miles; have done training camps; or have earned deep profile wheels and a skin suit on Zwift this ride is not for you. Seriously. Post another ride. Stop is around mile 30 at the Whistle Stop Bakery (great cranberry scones). Sign In
    • 9A
      Buns of Steel!
      David Hathaway
      Say you would like to go to the Tush Tuneup, but your scheduling won't allow a weekend excursion? This is my alternative! The ride is 86 miles long from Hopewell Junction to New Paltz, with around 3892 feet of climbing. Most of the route consists of traffic free country back roads. After we leave New Paltz the return trip will consist of the Hudson Valley Rail Trail, Walkway over the Hudson, and the Dutchess County Rail Trail all the way back to the start. I will be posting at a B- pace, anyone that can ride 14 mph or more won’t be dropped. The food stop will be at the Village Market and Eatery in Gardiner, at the 46-mile mark; however, I also have 2 other rest stops available if necessary. Link to Ride with GPS: Sign In. As usual, inclement weather (40 percent chance of showers) cancels the ride. Helmets are required, no headphones, please check your tires and equipment carefully to avoid mechanical problems, and bring 2 spare tubes, food, and water.
    • 9A
      boyds and back
      Henry Novack
      For those unable to make the Tush. A beautiful ride in Northern Westchester and Putnam. Easy pace 14-14.5 given heat. Cue sheet by Peter Aaron. Bring adequate hydration. Rest stop at Millies or Starbucks
    • 9A
      Peaches and Cream
      David Junowitz
      Going to Peach Lake and North Salem. Relatively flat at 1850 ft. so expect average speed at about 14.5 (though we might ride a bit slower because of the heat). Suitable for strong C riders. We will regroup. I'll bring cue sheets. Cell#: 917-225-5153. Sign In
    • 10:30A
      Tush Tune Up 38++ choose your own ending
      John Blye
      This will be a C-, C, C+ ride with a little twist at the end. Stop at the 19 mile mark and have a drink from the Salisbury natural spring water fountain at City Hall, and choose your finish at the 27.7 mile mark. Here is the C- 38 mile route Sign In Flattest route is RIGHT on Berkshire School Rd and follow the club cue sheet (C-).......OR stay with me while we head north to Mt Washington and Egremont /Alford (C).
      Sign In. I, Steve and Meryle Richman will lead this portion untill we hit the next bail point at the junction of N Egremont Rd and W Rd/ E Rd. Steve and Meryle will turn South on Alford Rd to Taconic Ave bringing you into the Day's Inn. I think this is a MUCH nicer route, safer and only about 7 miles longer with modest hills and cows, what I would call a WOW ride. .........Back to the junction...W Rd and E Rd, and the (C+) riders,Sign In we will go North/East to Lenox, join me if you will, I will SAG those riders back to Great Barrington, this will add another 8 miles, total 55 and some of the prettiest valley riding the Berkshires offer. I will post a ride with GPS once it is edited, Thank you Ed for the help. There will be NO DROP/ ONE STOP on the last portion of the ride, and the refreshment bar will be open once we hit Lenox, WATER, WINE or BEER. Printed cue sheets at 10 Mile River RR
      Please try to let me know which ride ending you are choosing.
  • Sunday, April 30, 2017
    • 9A
      Tush Tune Up C TOO Continued on Sunday...WOW
      John Blye
      OMG, just road some new roads and WWWOOOWWW, don't believe me, become a C rider and see. We leave early, how early...oh about 10, I have to have my blueberry pancake breakfast first, thank you ED. 3 miles of sweeping downhills into the valley of death, only kidding, but the trueth is "in to the valley, this is what the Berkshires have to offer" LOOK RIGHT, LOOK LEFT, LOOK BEHIND...proceed with caution.....OH WOW what dd you see????? Mapmyride to be posted, if not, just FOLLOW the leader, I know the right turns then its all down hill!!!!!!!! Not enough, OK I have another downhill in mind.

      NO DROP, few stops to regroup, I'll let you know where, well....you will see me standing at the corner, just follow the signs, signal, don't pass on there right, stop at ALL lights and only some signs. Bring your ID, Blinkers, tuned up bike, and a WCC spirit. No complaints, this is the Tush Tune Up Too Continued on Sunday!!!
    • 9:30A
      Yorktown to Perkins
      Andy Katell
      Need to build up climbing for an overseas trip so please join me for the B paced ride to the infamous Perkins Memorial Drive on Bear Mountain. We will cross the Bear Mountain Bridge. Arrive no later than 15 minutes from the start. Leader's cell, 914-391-3270. Regrouping as needed, primarily after major climbs. Total climbing is about 4500 feet. Route file: Sign In
    • 9:30A
      Tarrytown to Ossining and back on the Bike Trail
      Don McHugh
      Start at the corner of Neperan Rd & Sunnyside Ave at Tarrytown Lake in Tarrytown. NOTE: the parking lot is small; while I've not had a problem in the past, you may have to park on one of the side street across the way, if we attract a crowd. We'll ride 12.5 miles out to the bridge over the reservoir in Ossining, take a short break on the bridge, regroup and head back. I hope to avg about 11.5-12.5 mph. But, this is a good ride for all levels! Since, we'll stick to the trail with defined start and stopping points, folks can go at their own pace. Faster riders can ride ahead and wait on the bridge to regroup; and we can pick up any stragglers on the way back. I'm a fair weather cyclist, so anything more than light rain cancels. Bring your helmet, water bottle, functional bike with spare, cell phone and a smile (and hope for good weather).
  • Tuesday, May 2, 2017
  • Thursday, May 4, 2017
  • Saturday, May 6, 2017
    • 3P
      New Member Orientation Ride
      Lisa Baker
      Are you new to Westchester Cycle Club or considering joining? This ride is for you. We will provide an introduction to safe riding and expected practices on WCC group rides, then break into groups by level of speed and experience. You can expect to learn how WCC rides work and which level ride you might choose for your first regular club ride. Anyone who can ride a few miles on their bike is welcome--we'll break up into groups at different distances, so you do not necessarily have to ride 15 miles. Please come with a bicycle in reasonably good repair, a helmet (required), a water bottle, and comfortable clothes for riding. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to gear up and sign in. We will meet in lot "West 1" on the Purchase College campus. Look for the cluster of cars with bicycles. There is a fee to park in this lot, and the club will cover this fee for riders and leaders. Please do NOT pay the parking fee as you enter the lot. If you have not yet joined the club, you are entitled to one free ride, and this would be a good one to choose! Ride Leaders, I welcome your assistance at this ride, which will qualify you for Assistant Leader points. Please let me know if you'll be able to join. RAIN DATE IS MAY 7.
  • Tuesday, May 9, 2017
  • Thursday, May 11, 2017
  • Saturday, May 13, 2017
    • 9A
      Califon MarcoPolo
      David Hathaway
      A spectacular 77-mile ride through som of central New Jersey's finest countryside with approx 4900 feet of climbing. There will be around 7 miles of dirt-gravel along the Columbia rail-trail from Califon down to High Bridge. I have omitted the route through the Trump National golf course in Bedminster, eliminating a good 4+ miles of dirt.This route is preliminary, I haven't suggested a food stop, but it will most likely be in Tewksbury. More info to come. Sign In
    • 9A
      Lew & Ken's Orange County ride
      Lewis Insler
      This ride was inspired by my first WCC "event" circa 2005. Come join us as we ride the low traffic roads and conquer the hills of Orange County. Lots of great scenery, and approximately 2800' of climbing . We will head east to Cornwall and loop back on mostly different roads, this is not the flat north-south route from Montgomery to New Paltz. Pace will be 13.5-14.5 with regrouping. Rest stop at mile 27 in Cornwall at DICicco's/Dunkin Donuts/Subway. We start behind the Orange County Court House in Goshen (about an hour drive from White Plains; parking is accessible via Scotchtown Road). Optional lunch following the ride at “Noble Roasters”, on Rt 207 outside of Goshen. (We'll pass it around Mile 7 but it's only 2 miles from the start. Think Tazza meets Black Cow)
      IT WOULD BE GREAT IF SOMEONE POSTS THIS AS A SEPARATE B- RIDE, or even a B. (Brian T, you out there?)

      There are no bathroom facilities at the starting point. Suggested pre-ride stop is the QuikCheck gas station immediately to the left at exit 124 on Rt 17/6 (cheap gas, clean bathrooms, coffee, and goodies). After exiting station to the left, turn right at the light onto Greenwich Avenue, to go into Goshen. Please print your own cue sheet and be ready to ride at 8:55 AM. Safety talk begins then. My cell is 914 980-2561 or e mail me at inslerlb3@verizon.net
      Download route or cue sheet at Sign In
    • 9A
      Lew And Ken's Orange County Ride
      Kenneth Joseph
      Here’s a ride derived from an old WCC event. Come join us as we ride the low traffic roads and conquer the hills of Orange County. Lots of great scenery, and approximately 2800 feet of climbing (according to RWGPS). We will head east to Cornwall and loop back on mostly different roads, this is not the flat north-south route from Montgomery to New Paltz. Pace will be 12-13.5 with regrouping. Rest stop at mile 27 with real food available (DeCiccos, pizza, Subway, Dunkin Donuts). Optional lunch following the ride at “Noble Roasters”, on Rt 207 outside of Goshen. We start from the County Court House in Goshen (about an hour drive from White Plains; parking is accessible via Scotchtown Road). There are no bathroom facilities at the starting point. Suggested pre-ride stop is the QuikCheck gas station immediately to the left at exit 124 on Rt 17/6 West (cheap gas, bathrooms, coffee, and goodies). After exiting station to the left, turn right at the light onto Greenwich Avenue, to go into Goshen. Please print your own cue sheet and be ready to ride at 8:55 AM. Safety talk begins then. Cell # 845-781-3872. If there are any questions please e mail me at kljos@optonline.net. Sign In
  • Tuesday, May 16, 2017
  • Thursday, May 18, 2017
  • Tuesday, May 23, 2017
  • Thursday, May 25, 2017
  • Monday, May 29, 2017
    • 8:30A
      Memorial Day Ride
      Bjoern Stoecker
      Note 1, primarily to the ride leader: arrive at 8:30 at the latest to leave by 8:45 as not to interfere with the parade. Note 2: while we probably won't be riding through West Point Academy this year, bring photo identification just in case. Social pace so that we don't miss any historical landmarks. And to uphold a John Milano tradition, we'll have our potluck picnic at the end. For those who want to join, please bring something delicious to share with your comrades and a chair to rest in comfort. Route TBD
  • Tuesday, May 30, 2017
  • Thursday, June 1, 2017
  • Sunday, June 4, 2017
    • 9A
      Lisa Baker
      This is a placeholder for the new Summer Fiesta Ride, a multilevel ride that replaces the former Cinqo de Velo. DON'T SIGN UP at this "ride"--sign up for the ride at your level. Ride Leaders are encouraged to post rides at their level, with staggered start times to return for lunch at noon. The luncheon, at Hacienda La Paloma in Mount Kisco, will be posted as a club "Event" with an associated reasonable charge for the meal. Contact Lisa Baker for rides planning. Stay tuned for more details!
  • Tuesday, June 6, 2017
  • Thursday, June 8, 2017
  • Tuesday, June 13, 2017
  • Thursday, June 15, 2017
  • Tuesday, June 20, 2017
  • Thursday, June 22, 2017
  • Saturday, June 24, 2017
    • 10A
      TriClub Event
      Placeholder for a WCC Multilevel Ride. This will be a regional ride in conjunction with New York Cycle Club (NYCC) and Bicycle Touring Club of North Jersey (BTCNJ). The rides will start in Fort Lee, NJ and travel north to Nyack and beyond. There will be rides at different speeds/distances to accommodate all ride levels. Cue sheets are being developed by NYCC and will be posted along with separate sign-ups for each level ride. DO NOT SIGN UP HERE--wait for the individual rides to be posted. Contact Bob Hermann or Lisa Baker for more information. Stay tuned for more details on this fun regional event!
  • Tuesday, June 27, 2017
    *Unaffiliated Rides: These rides are posted for informational purposes only, as a courtesy to Westchester Cycle Club members and others who may be interested. This is NOT an official or sanctioned WCC ride.