Policy On Reporting Positive COVID Finding

These procedures were approved by the WCC board of directors on December 16, 2020, effective immediately. Because they address a complex issue with many variations, situations may arise that are not plainly covered by them. The Rides chair, Greg Sims, or any other board member if he is unavailable, can advise you if requested.

No club member may sign up for or take part in any ride posted on the club's Rides board if that member is aware of having tested positive for COVID or having been recently

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Understanding the Waitlist

By Bruce Wells updated 11/17/20

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting rides to 8 riders.  You must sign up for a ride in advance to attend the ride.  If there are 8 or more riders already on the ride, you end up on the waitlist.

So how does the waitlist work?

It is a first come, first served system. The first rider to be waitlisted will be the first taken off the waitlist when a spot opens up. When you are taken off the waitlist, you get an email saying you are now on the ride. You may also be taken off the waitlist

(Understanding the Waitlist continues ...)
  • Friday, March 5, 2021
    • 10A
      Zwift Social Ride - London "The London Pretzel"
      Ave Karel

      Ride safely indoors - avoid cold temps and bad weather - enjoy chatting with other riders.

      NOTE: If you don't have access to Zwift, but would still like to use your trainer and chat with our group, please sign up below to join us and I will invite you to the DISCORD app for chatting.

      NOTE: If you are new to Zwifting and Virtual rides, I'll be happy to help you get started.


      This will be a friendly 'Keep Everyone Together Ride'...... (i.e. no matter what your power is, the group will stick together, as long as you keep pedaling. So you get to ride at your desired pace - whatever feels comfortable to you. You'll be able to draft and move around in the group without fear of being dropped. And we can even stop for an occasional nature break and stay together as long as everyone stops + starts together. I will also set ride parameters so that we can see only each other's avatars; and other riders on the same route will be invisible to us.

      My purpose is to enjoy sharing an indoor ride with others, of any pace ability, to chat and get some miles. When we ride outdoors, we usually ride with the same group of friends, but Zwift "Stick Together" indoor rides provide a unique opportunity to ride and "chat" with riders of different pace categories, or even those that don't ride outdoors much at all.

      Since this is a Virtual ride, there will be no limit to the number of participants.

      • To get meetup invite, 1) sign up below and 2) "Follow" me on Zwift (if you have not done so already). My username is AVE KAREL(WCC-C+).
      • Then, once you accept my meetup invitation on Zwift, it will automatically transport you to the meetup start at the appropriate time.
      • The route is London "The London Pretzel"..........You can stop your ride anytime you desire - no need to do the full route. I may also not do full route, but will ride at least 1.5 hours)
      • Here's the route description: Sign In
      • The meetup/ride will start ON TIME. Please be at least 10 minutes early so we can connect and chat briefly via the DISCORD app - making sure everyone's sound quality is good - and then start the ride on time.
      • Using Discord: I have discovered how to use Discord successfully, without voice cut-outs. Once you sign in and join the group on the selected channel (WCC-B for this ride), go to "settings" and click ON "auto sensitivity", "noise suppression","echo cancellation", "automatic gain control" and "automatic voice activity". In other words, click ON just about every setting option. Again, join the conversation 10 minutes early to make sure we connect well.
  • Saturday, March 6, 2021
    • 10A
      Bedford to Ridgefield A Bit Different
      Bruce Wells

      Another Bedford to Ridgefield for Steve's Bagels, but with some twists. We will keep a fast tempo to keep warm, but will also have an option for an inside stop to warm up at Steve's. Some different roads going out and coming back, but including the famous Nod Hill descent out of Ridgefield. Expect some steep hills that will keep you warm. Bring a mask.

    • 9:30A
      Frozen mud ride
      Bill O'Connell


      trails that were mud this week will hopefully be hardened up since it should not break 32 during this ride.

      dress warm but be prepared to de- layer on hills.

      GB station on Southbound side of 684

    • 8A
      Aliens On Fire!
      James Keeley

      #MindOverLava #BadgeCollector

      This will be a mentally challenging 3:45 hour ride on Watopia's 2.5 mile Volcano Circuit. We will target a power of 2.5-2.7 W/kg and push to 2.8-3.0 W/kg for the final 30 minutes. On the plus side there are three Badges to collect en route (yay!): complete 5 laps for the Warmed Up badge, 10 laps for the Hothead badge and 25 laps for the On Fire! badge!!!

      This will be a Meet Up (no rubber band) with other riders visible. Join for part or all of the ride.

      We will take a 5 min break at 2 hours. Alien jerseys (press "P" in the game and enter code goalienware to add the jersey to your garage). Discord channel WCC-A.

  • Sunday, March 7, 2021
    • 10A
      New Canaan Backroads You Have Never Been On II
      Bruce Wells

      A recovery ride on some new roads. Many of these roads should be new to everyone unless you were one of the brave souls who came out the first time, as they are not ones we normally do. A GPS navigation unit is suggested. We will keep the group together because no one will have any idea of where we are. No dirt, but some rough roads (sewer work apparently). Stop at bagel store in New Canaan where we can warm up. Bring a mask.

    • 11A
      Bedford to Ridgefield Vista 40
      Ave Karel

      Always bring downloaded route (or cue sheet)

      Always call out "before" passing other riders.

      Sign up by 9pm the night before the ride

      Safe Steady Predictable Riders a must!

      This is a favorite route that Eve led recently.

      Rest stop: Scott's Corners market at mile 33+

      Temps: Mostly low 30's, plenty of sunshine.

      Target: High 13's...........................with regrouping throughout the ride to enjoy sharing it together.

      Elevation: 3173 feet. 77feet/mile.

      Bring: face mask, sanitizer, cell phone, money.

      Helmets required, no headphones, check tires + equipment in advance to make sure bike is in good shape to avoid problems, bring 2 spare tubes/water bottles. Be clipped in + ready 5 minutes before depart time. Print/download the route, review it in advance + and carry my cell # (914-826-3440)......... Let's ride SAFELY + have fun!..

    • 10:15A
      Candice O'Brien

      Please join MaryEllen and me on this moderatly hilly ride to Rowayton. Rest stop at our favorite Market overlooking the sound.

      Please arrive by 10:00 and be AIS at 10:15. Casual C pace (12/12.5) since it's early in the season. Bring hydration, masks, and a happy face!!

      It's always a party with this crazy twosome!!!

      Hope to see you there

      Candi and MaryEllen

    • 10A
      In Like a Lion
      Richard Gluck

      It's March. You know what they say. We ride to Hayfields to get toasty round the firepit, assuming they are open. Either way, we'll get toasty (or toasted) on the way back as we climb Hunt Lane. (We will wait for the leader at the top.) So yes, there will be regrouping. Bring a bike suitable for the dirt, the usual necessities, and your smiling face.

  • Tuesday, March 9, 2021
    • 10:15A
      Bedford to Rowayton - 60 degrees!
      Eve Hartman

      Clone ofChristines ride at C+ pace

      60 degrees! Beach day!

      Let's enjoy the day and have a rest stop at the Rowayton Market.

      A lot of us haven't been on the bike in the past few months so this will be a good opportunity to ride.

      Arrive by 9:45 and be ready to ride by 10:00.

      My cell is: 914-588-0591

      Bring masks please.


    • 10A
      Bedford to Rowayton - 60 degrees!
      Christine Schopen

      60 degrees! Beach day!

      Let's enjoy the day and have a rest stop at the Rowayton Market.

      A lot of us haven't been on the bike in the past few months so this will be a good opportunity to ride.

      Arrive by 9:45 and be ready to ride by 10:00.

      My cell is: 914-907-7353

      Bring masks please.

      I am planning on 13 mph pace. Want to ride faster? Post your own ride please.

  • Monday, April 19, 2021
  • Wednesday, April 21, 2021
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