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WORKSHOP: Cassette and Chain Ring Repair and Maintenance
Tuesday, March 17, 2020
Andrew Mockler
6:30 pm
8 pm
This workshop is a two-hour hands-on course focused exclusively on how to maintain and change out a cassette (eg what to look for, what tools you'd need, how to slow down degrading the cassette) and, time allowing, a chain ring. It will include what tools and parts you'll need to carry with you (or keep at home) and what obstacles you may run into and how to address them. Bring your own bike if want or let Stef demonstrate on bikes he has in the store. If you want hands-on experience (as opposed to simply watching) please bring your own bike.
ride of pleasantville
351 Manville Road
Pleasantville, NY 10570
(914) 495 - 3666 - shop number
 Right up the street from the Jacob Burns Theater on the opposite side of the street. Parking in the Village is free after 6 pm.
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