Champlain Weekend 2021

By Bill O'Connell on 7/29/21

Champlain weekend 2021. Update!!

We are planning a tricky bike transfer with cars and logistical issues Friday.

if you are not signed up and you want to come, contact me immediately.  Today. Or you will be out of the plan !

We are driving up on Thursday with a stop and short afternoon ride near Saratoga, NY. At 1pm.

Meeting Thursday night 9pm at Marriott for those riding Friday morning to plan.

also adding paddle boards to itinerary, bring one if you have one, or a kayak!

Riders are welcome to join us for any and all days.  If interested in receiving more information as it develops, you MUST be signed up.

 If you later decide NOT to come, please make certain you Remove your name.  Once you have made reservations, please add where, and the times you plan to ride with us.

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