Understanding the Waitlist

By Bruce Wells updated 11/17/20

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we are limiting rides to 8 riders.  You must sign up for a ride in advance to attend the ride.  If there are 8 or more riders already on the ride, you end up on the waitlist.

So how does the waitlist work?

It is a first come, first served system. The first rider to be waitlisted will be the first taken off the waitlist when a spot opens up. When you are taken off the waitlist, you get an email saying you are now on the ride. You may also be taken off the waitlist if a leader clones the ride to another time.  You are then removed from the waitlist for the original ride and placed as a registered rider for the new ride. It is possible that there were more than 10 riders waitlisted, and in that case, if you were rider 11 waitlisted, you will be the first waitlisted rider for both the new ride and the original ride. You won't loose your place in line for the original ride.

What if a ride is cloned, and I end up on the cloned ride, but really want to be on the original ride?

Just waitlist on the original ride. If an opening becomes available on the original ride, you will be moved to that ride.  Otherwise you still have a spot on the cloned ride.

Can I waitlist on multiple rides?

Yes, you can waitlist on multiple rides.  The first time you get unwaitlised for a specific ride, you are removed from the waitlist for all your other rides.  You can only be "Definitely Riding" for one ride a day. If you sign up for another ride while on a waitlist as definitely riding, you are removed from all other waitlists.

Can I waitlist on a ride that is not full yet?

No, the waitlist only starts once the ride is full.  If you select waitlist, and there are spots on the ride, it will immediately take you off the waitlist and add you as Definately Riding.  This will also remove you from all other waitlists.

What if my first choice ride is full, but I can sign up for my second choice?

Sign up for your second choice ride, then waitlist on your first choice ride. If you get on your first choice ride, you are automatically removed from your second choice ride. You can only sign up for a waitlist after you sign up for a ride, since signing up for a ride removes you from other rides and waitlists.

What if I remove myself from the ride?

You will then lose your spot on the ride if there is a waitlist. As a courtesy to other riders, if you can't make a ride, please remove yourself as soon as you know you can't attend.  You can change yourself to "Definitely Not Riding" if you still want to get ride communications, or "Remove" to be off the ride completely.

Why am I getting ride email notifications when the waitlist is already full?

It is possible to get ride notifications if the waitlist is already full. The notification system does not look at the waitlist when it sends out emails. If you are getting a late notice, then you need to adjust your notification settings here. You are notified of any ride added within these days.  If the ride was added four days in advance, and you are set to 3 days in advance for notifications, you will not receive notice of the ride when it is added, but when it is 3 days in advance.  At that point, the ride may be waitlisted.

As a ride leader, is it better to clone a ride, or add a new ride?

When you clone a ride, you automatically pick up any waitlisted riders. If you add a new ride, the website does not know to remove anyone from a waitlist, so it depends what you want. Also remember, you can edit cloned rides when cloning them, or after, but it is frowned upon to make substantial changes to the ride (other that start time or description), since it should be the same ride. Often modifying the description is helpful to riders so they know the ride is cloned, as personal comments from the leader would not be yours, but simply cloned.

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