Club RWGPS Update

By Shelly Mozlin on 2/19/18 updated 6/01/19
Most of you already know that WCC now has a Ride With GPS ( Club Account.
We now have almost 300 routes in the Club RWGPS library.  The library is accessible to EVERYONE, with or without a RWGPS account.  It is a fantastic resource and we would like ride leaders to start at the RWGPS library when looking for routes and links.  
Check it out here:

It is very easy to sort the routes by name, starting location, or mileage.  Some of the routes are tagged with levels.  You can also use filters to find routes by distance, elevation, etc. When you find what you are looking for, click view, and then copy that link into your ride description.  Indicate that the link is coming from the club account.  Here’s an example:  Club RWGPS link:

Here is the back story on why we are asking ride leaders to check the Club RWGPS library first.   For members to use the voice navigation app via the club’s RWGPS account, the routes must be in the club’s RWGPS library. Several members have agreed to be route managers: myself, Deb Ramsey, Rich Gluck, and Peter Aaron. Whenever a ride leader posts a ride with a RWGPS link, we are copying the route into the club library.  WHEN IT IS COPIED INTO THE CLUB LIBRARY, THE NUMBER CHANGES. With almost 300 routes already copied into the club library, we are at the point where simply copying them is causing duplication.  If ride leaders link to routes in the Club RWGPS library, we will avoid duplication and busy work for the route managers  (We are happy to copy your route into the library if it is not yet there, which will build our club library, and more importantly, make sure everyone has access to voice navigation on your ride).

I repeat: The club library is completely public, you do not need to be enrolled in the Club RWGPS account to view the routes and use the links. All you need is the url:

RWGPS links are now “standard operating procedure” for virtually every ride listed on our website. The Club RWGPS library will be the centralized resource for all our club routes. The Club RWGPS account is an opportunity for all club members to enhance their safety with voice navigation. Please help us make these routes easier to find and accessible to all members.
Please email me with any questions or to enroll in the WCC RWGPS account: 
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