Tuesday and Thursday Night Training Rides Routes

By Bruce Wells on 2018-03-06 updated 2023-03-11

The Tuesday and Thursday night training rides start March 16th for the 2021 DST season.  Check the ride schedule for starting times and mileage, as it varies depending on the daylight available.

Many people have been asking for the routes for the Tuesday and Thursday night training rides.  So here they are.  They are listed in ascending order by mileage. Each route is known by the road on which we turn around.  So if we say we are doing Rt 22, that means we turn back on Rt 22.

Whippoorwill East, 23 miles

Route 128, 32 miles

Chestnut Ridge, 34 miles

Route 22, 36 miles

Route 137, 48 miles

Route 35,  55 miles

The maps were done on http://www.ridewithgps.com.  They include elevation profiles so you can see the hills.

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