Coronavirus Update

Chosing to Ride
By Christine Schopen updated 3/25/20
The Delaware Valley/Philadelphia bike club sent out this email. It reflects the view of the Board of Directors of WCC. Please read it:

Friends, if you are choose to continue riding during the Coronavirus outbreak, please comply with this requirement to maintain social distancing (at least 6 ft apart from others). This is not only a matter of public health & safety in the short term, this is also for the sake of public acceptance of/respect for the sport of outdoor cycling, in the long run.

We are CITIZENS of a larger community. When we cycle on the roads, either alone, or, with a group of friends, we are VISIBLE to motorists, pedestrians, dogs & their owners, homeowners, etc. A group of cyclists riding close together, passing through a neighborhood, creates a visual perception, and leaves a lasting impression.

PERCEPTIONS are not necessarily factually accurate, but, they are powerful, and many decisions are based on perceptions. If our cycling community as a whole is perceived negatively by non-cycling residents and businesses as being uncaring about the necessity for social distancing, we cyclists may be confronted with more serious and more long-term restrictions.

Eventually, we will decipher the riddle of COVID-19 and defeat this virus - smarter, wiser, and stronger. In the meantime, we must avoid/suspend group rides and social gatherings. However, we are still a FAMILY, still friends who care about each other's health, safety, and well-being. The long-term goal of preserving the viability and public acceptable of outdoor group cycling is well worth a little bit of short-term sacrifice."

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