New Jerseys / Shorts / Bibs etc can be ordered now

Ordering available till June 18th
By Bruce Wells on 5/16/19 updated 6/03/19
New WCC clothing is finally available to be ordered in the Voler store until June 18th.
Just a word about Voler quality. I have been wearing Voler jerseys and shorts for the last few years, and they are the best jerseys and shorts I have ever used. Top quality.

The jersey has a cell phone zipper pocket, so it can't fall out when you hit a big bump. There is also a reflective strip on the back pockets so you are more visible in low light. The jersey has two fits, club and race. If you are on the thin side, I would recommend the race fit. The club fit is a bit looser, but not baggy. The sizing is listed on the site here. They have a pretty good description and the sizing is true for a close fitting jersey. If you like a looser fit, for sure order one size up.
The shorts don't have grippy elastic leg closures that make your legs look like sausage casings. Instead they use a rubbery fabric that clings to you leg and seamlessly transitions from the shorts to your skin with out compressing anything. And you can wear these shorts the whole day, they are just incredibly comfortable. I would recommend you upgrade to Voler's best chamois (it is only $6 more than the cheap one). You don't want to get shorts this nice and not get the best chamois.

We don't have any graphics for the vests and jackets yet. We are working with Voler to get some better graphics.

But order soon, as there will not be another order window till next year. Once the deadline passes, you will have missed the ability to get a new WCC jersey until next year.

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