Cinco de Velo is back

By Lewis Insler updated 4/16/18
Cinco de Velo, our next all level ride, is just three weeks away, on Sunday, May 6thWe will return to the gorgeous grounds of the Edith Macy Center, this time using the summer camp-like lakeside “Kinderhaus.” If you were around when we held events here a few years back, this is where we used to have them. It wasn’t open for the Daffodil Ride because it is unheated.

Use to sign up for the buffet lunch and go to the ride board to sign up separately for the ride at your level. The lunch is rain or shine as always.

People ask why we don't take payment at the door for the lunch. We have to give the Center a number of registrants beforehand and they prepare food accordingly. If we took payment at the door for additional registrants there would not be enough food for everyone. So please remember to register for lunch!

Although we are working hard to get the same weather we had for the Daffodil Ride, it doesn't look we will have the roads repaved in time! But expect the same good food and even more great company! See you on Sunday the 6th!
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